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Shelby Park Murals Up Close & Personal

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Shelby Park: Artful Evolution

Rachel Peterson

November 1, 2017

My last count has Shelby Park at 11 murals and some are exceptional. The murals came about from various sources over the past few years: a private equity firm, individuals, local independent businesses, a non-profit specializing in streetscape beautification and a few of the local neighborhood associations, including Shelby Park Neighborhood Association, of course. Just a fun fact for others that would like to incorporate public art into their communal landscapes.

A new mural is being painted on the old Keswick Democratic Club building as I write this. It's fun to watch the progress and I'm excited to see the final piece.

I live a few houses away from ‘Sunshine & Shadow,’ which is great because I'm a big fan of geometrics, muted colors and Scarlet’s cinnamon rolls. Every time I walk by, it just makes me happy. Corny, but I don’t care.

Spend a minute to really have a look at ‘Sunshine & Shadow.’ You'll soon realize the serious skill and effort it took. Consider how difficult it is to draw an even-looking circle on a flat piece of paper. Now, imagine painting multiple circles within circles that intersect with other circles on a brick and mortar building with ornate stone trim and pipes, lots of pipes. If you can’t appreciate this mural, you might not be human.

I’m also a fan of Miss Birdy’s ‘We’re All Just Bones’ on Oak Street on the AA Auto Repair building - stunning colors - and her ‘Pipevine Swallowtail’ butterfly on Idlewild’s building on Logan St. is perfect. As if Idlewild wasn’t already cool enough...

My hope is that more people become familiar with all the good things happening in Shelby Park. Like any other place, and life in general, Shelby Park has lots of good, some bad, some exceptionally beautiful stuff and a bit of ugliness. We need all of that in order to appreciate the good things when we come across them.

And hey, you can’t stop to smell the roses, or see the murals, when you’re zipping by in a car. So take a walk.

Our lovely Olmsted Park is a nice place to walk, too. Enjoy.